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CRA seeking tenants for new Arts Centre

The Lake Worth CRA is seeking a non-profit arts or cultural based organization to sublease space at the Shuffleboard Courts Building located at 1121 Lucerne Avenue. Overall management should be provided by the organization submitting a proposal while administration for the building will be provided by the CRA. The length of the sublease will be one year, with an option to lease for an additional year. The CRA is seeking one responder for varying activities both day and night to provide the public with multiple options for arts and cultural education and enhancement. Organizations with multiple programs may submit singularly or may make accommodations for other groups to use the space as they deem appropriate.

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If These Walls Could Talk - Art & Culture Magazine

Superman may be more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but he's got nothing on the talented artists at the Milagro Center in Delray Beach. By flexing their creative muscles, these kids are helping boost property values, foster civic cooperation, and add a dash of color to the city's identity.

Drive along west Atlantic Avenue between the city's trendy downtown and the drone of traffic on I-95 and you'll see the images created by the children proudly displayed on banners hung from the fence surrounding what used to be a gas station. Because of it's previous use, the land - now owned by the Delray Beach Community Development Agency - must undergo a soil and groundwater remediation process...

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Lake Worth shuffleboard building to become element city’s emerging arts district

The city’s shuffleboard building is on its way to being the next piece of an emerging arts district on the near west side.

Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to convert the 5,000-square-foot building at 1121 Lucerne Ave. into a community cultural facility where art classes, after-school programs and other events can occur. Commissioners John Szerdi and Christopher McVoy were absent.

Lake Worth’s Community Redevelopment Agency is planning to issue a request for proposals from arts organizations to enumerate the programs they would put on in the building...

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Downtown Lake Worth gets taste of the L.A. Scene

Let’s face it: As of overnight, Lake Worth has become a hip cultural hub, and Jacques de Beaufort, an associate professor of art at Palm Beach State College, is one of the reasons why.

De Beaufort is part of a small cadre of working artists who live in the city’s new Urban Art Lofts. When he moved in, the former Los Angeles resident brought that alluringly laid-back — yet concurrently cutting-edge — West Coast attitude that’s creating a buzz. He converted the ground-floor studio of his duplex apartment into an art gallery called Unit 1, and it’s quickly become one of the county’s most unique venues for avant-garde art. One of the reasons is that it’s more than a gallery; it’s a place for live concerts, film shoots and other happening events. And he wants everyone to know he’s open to other suggestions.

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Rafts showing 10 decades of history make for ‘very Lake Worth-ian’ Fourth

The colorful chaos downtown Thursday wasn’t just because of Fourth of July events; it was also a celebration of Lake Worth’s 100 years.

To show off the city’s 10 decades, and to look forward to a bright future, city officials and residents created 11 rafts designed to represent each time period, beginning with 1913-1922 and ending with 2013-forward.

Then they paraded them east down Lake Avenue to the tune of the YMCA...

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