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Armory Art Center Lake Worth Annex to Open September 2

The Armory Art Center has classes scheduled starting September 2 in Lake Worth in its new expanded location – The Armory Lake Worth Annex. The year-long lease of the 5,000 square foot building at 1121 Lucerne Avenue, to locals known as the shuffleboard courts, was awarded to the Armory by the Lake Worth CRA. This award gives the Armory the opportunity to further enhance the thriving and dynamic Lake Worth art community.

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‘Going A-Wall’ mural project brings color to downtown Lake Worth

Over the weekend, three sleek murals were decked on the walls of retail buildings on Lucerne Avenue during the Going-A-Wall live-painting event. It featured live music, food trucks and several paint-covered artists in action.

On one wall, the side of Bruce Webber’s Art Gallery building, a multicolored owl sitting on top of a lotus flower against a black background was the focus. On the sides were American Indians, which the painter said represented the original tribe of Lake Worth...

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Consortium honored for role in revival

The 2008 recession slammed Lake Worth hard. At one point, nearly four in 10 downtown homes were in foreclosure.

Now those same neighborhoods are filled with new or rehabilitated houses, inhabited by grateful low- and middle-income families who will make the structures, and the neighborhoods, their home.

The success story is the work of the Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Consortium. This month, the growth management watchdog 1000 Friends of Florida presented the group its “Community Steward Award.”

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1000 Friends to Honor Lake Worth Redevelopment Consortium

1000 Friends of Florida is presenting its "Community Steward Award" to the Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Consortium at the December 10 meeting of the Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency.  "Lake Worth is to be commended for its vision and creativity," says 1000 Friends of Florida President Charles Pattison.  "Thanks to a strong and effective partnership, Lake Worth has successfully leveraged federal, private and local funding and programs to provide affordable, sustainable housing in its redevelopment area."

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CRA seeking tenants for new Arts Centre

The Lake Worth CRA is seeking a non-profit arts or cultural based organization to sublease space at the Shuffleboard Courts Building located at 1121 Lucerne Avenue. Overall management should be provided by the organization submitting a proposal while administration for the building will be provided by the CRA. The length of the sublease will be one year, with an option to lease for an additional year. The CRA is seeking one responder for varying activities both day and night to provide the public with multiple options for arts and cultural education and enhancement. Organizations with multiple programs may submit singularly or may make accommodations for other groups to use the space as they deem appropriate.

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