HATCH 1121
1121 Lucurne Ave.
Tuesday, September 24, 2019 | 6:00 P.M.




The Recording Secretary called the meeting to order at 6:00p.m. on the above date at HATCH 1121, Lake Worth Beach, Florida.

Present were CRA Members Brendan Lynch, Tom Copeland, John Paxman, Mark Rickards & Leah Foertsch. Also present was CRA Director, Joan Oliva.



Mr. Paxman requested that item VIId be reordered to VIIb.

Action: Motion made by Mr. Paxman to amend the CRA meeting agenda seconded by Mr. Rickards.

Vote: All Ayes


Anna Maria Windisch-Hunt-I have a formal request to move your meetings to City Hall. This agency is handling an enormous amount of business and money. The Citizens of Lake Worth are entitled to know what is happening. We are concerned.
Betty Resch- In regards to the agendas and backup material are not on the website. We would like to see the backup and understand what is going on. It would be helpful to know what is going on.
Tom Carney- I represent the owners of 509 Lake Avenue. We have been in discussions with the CRA through your acquisition team. We are at an impasse now. The building has seen better days. Code Enforcement has stated that 10’ of it is historic so we are unable to redevelopment. The building has almost $60, 000 in fines and we are very interested in selling it. We came up with a price of $900K your group made an offer at 810K or 815K. We are reaching out to make an arrangement with you. Is there any movement here? You guys can buy it and rehab it. We would like to see if you would consider raising your offer.
Gian Cerrano- Can you let the residents know what the designs will be for the L & M properties? Will the public have any input on design? I ask that you do that.


a. July 16, 2019

Action: Motion made by Mr. Copeland to approve the July 16, 2019 minutes seconded by Mrs. Foertsch.

Vote: All ayes


a. CRA Commercial Grant Programs for FY 19/20

Action: Motion was made by Mr. Copeland to approve the consent agenda seconded by Mr. Paxman.
Action (Amended): Motion was made by Mr. Copeland to approve and discuss the consent agenda seconded by Mr. Paxman.
Mr. Copeland asked why the Interior Improvement Grant was discontinued and what was the reasoning for bringing it back as a program this fiscal year?

Staff stated that we did not offer it because of funding. We opened it up this year because a number of businesses reached out to us for this type of grant.

Mr. Copeland thought that using public dollars on the inside of a building doesn’t give the widest benefit of public funds. Since its on the interior its not as viewable or enjoyable. Staff stated that this grant encourages interior renovations so that businesses can rent out properties long term.

Andrea Jourdan- We experienced the perfect example of how we need your help. We came into a shell of a building. This building is crying for help. We do not own the building but we fell in love with this Lake Worth and this building. We will be extremely grateful for any help because we have spent over $250K in renovations.

Vote: All ayes


a. CRA Interior Improvement Grant- 502 Lucerne Avenue

Mr. Paxman recused himself.

The Commercial Grant Programs offered by the CRA were designed to leverage public funds with private investment, leading to new commercial projects, businesses and job creation throughout the CRA District. In 2015, the property at 502 Lucerne Avenue was acquired by the Peters family who have since been searching for a quality tenant to reactivate the space. This property was formerly known as South Shore Bar before eventually closing 4 years ago. Since then, the former restaurant/bar has sat vacant and was considered somewhat unsightly in the historic downtown. The Peters family recently leased the space to Ms. Andrea Jourdan & Ms. Nancy Isabelle. Ms. Jourdan is an accomplished writer and chef specializing in French and Mediterranean cuisine. Ms. Jourdan and Ms. Isabelle are diligently working to reactivate this space into a 100 seat high-end restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. The once popular garden in the back of the property is also being extensively rebuilt in order to provide classical dining under the stars. Since June of this year, the new tenants have been gutting the former space and installing new landscape in the back. Once complete, later this year, the 2400 sq. ft. restaurant will have an entirely new appearance with modern décor, new kitchen, bar and furnishings.

This month, Ms. Ariana Peters submitted a CRA Interior Improvement Grant application for the CRA to assist with the cost of significant improvements to the inside of the building. Due to the need for the business before the end of the year, and before the start of tourist season, the applicant is submitting the grant application for approval before the new CRA fiscal year begins.

The CRA and applicant agree that although the improvements are eligible for assistance, the Board would need to formally agree to first approve the new grant program and also award the grant for any work that is in process. These CRA grant funds are only to be used to cover permanent interior improvements and construction costs.

The CRA’s new Commercial Interior Improvement Grant offers matching funds up to $25,000 per parcel or project. The applicant has advised Staff the total costs of these interior renovations will far exceed $250,000.

If awarded, the funds would be reimbursed to the applicant after the project has been completed and a certificate of occupancy or all building permits have been closed out. In addition, a lien would ensure that the applicant would not be able to sell or transfer the property within two years of receiving the funds or they risk having to repay the grant.

Creating programs and using financial incentives to facilitate new investment in the CRA district and creating new jobs are primary objectives of the Redevelopment Plan. Staff supports the use of the Commercial Interior Improvement Grant funds to assist with the renovation work at 502 Lucerne Ave. A representative of the project was present to answer questions at the meeting.

Staff recommended the Board review and award funding for an amount not to exceed $25,000 as part of the CRA’s new Commercial Interior Improvement Grant. The applicant would enter into a grant agreement and funds would be reimbursed only after completion of the project and paid invoices are provided to the CRA.

Action: Motion was made by Mr. Copeland to award funding for an amount not to exceed $25,000 as part of the CRA’s new Commercial Interior Improvement Grant seconded by Ms. Foertsch.

Anna Maria Windisch-Hunt- I would like to know how long your lease is. If they have a long lease then you should give them the money.

Mr. Copeland stated that he is uncomfortable with passing this grant request. The preference is the money going to exterior commercial façade programs.

Vote: 3 Ayes, 1 Nay

b. (Re-ordered) Way-Finding: Extend Contract with Don Bell Signs, LLC- Second Extension

Mr. Rickards recused himself.

In 2017, City and CRA Commissioners reached consensus to allow the fabrication and installation of new way-finding signage throughout the City with a design that incorporates water, sun, vibrant colors and an art deco style typeface. The purpose of a good way-finding signage program is not only to provide attractive welcome signs, but also to guide individuals from Point A to Point B in the quickest, safest and most efficient way possible.

In November 2017, the CRA and City advertised IFB#18-108 [2017-Wayfinding Signage Project] to provide professional signage companies the opportunity to fabricate and install new signage throughout Lake Worth Beach. The scope of this bid included up to 140 new signs of varying shapes and sizes that would be placed along major thoroughfares and in neighborhoods within the City. The IFB resulted in seven bids being received from local and national sign manufacturing companies.

After thorough review and consideration, CRA and City Staff selected the low-bidder, Don Bell Signs, LLC, to enter into a construction agreement with for signage services, not to exceed $561,069. Funding of this project has been budgeted by both the CRA and City of Lake Worth Beach Public Works Department prior to the start of this fiscal year.

The original contract with Don Bell Signs expired in 2018 but was renewed for a one year period. During the past year, as part of this project, the CRA was able to install 33 signs throughout the City that did not require permitting or special review by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).

The contractor and Staff have been carefully reviewing each sign and value engineering the project to reduce the number of unnecessary signs that were originally designed for this project. Unfortunately, the first amendment to the original agreement with Don Bell Signs has expired and should be renewed again. Due to unforeseen requirements from FDOT we have not been able to obtain all necessary permits to continue fabrication. Regrettably, we cannot with assurance know how long FDOT will take to approve the complete signage package. The CRA is now working with Kimley Horn & Associates to expedite permitting issues with FDOT.

In addition, and most importantly, the sign contractor has advised us that due to the city name change and global tariffs which resulted in the rising cost of steel and aluminum, most of the per unit prices will increase. Although we will attempt to keep the overall contract price unchanged, these rising prices will result in a net loss of new signs installed throughout the City.

This second extension/amendment to the original agreement will give Don Bell Signs until next year to continue engineering, permitting services, fabrication and installation of new signs throughout the City.

Staff recommended the Board allow Staff to extend the agreement with Don Bell Signs, LLC to provide fabrication and installation of city-wide way-finding signage. The price of the contract will continue to not exceed the original agreed price of $561,069 unless the Board determines otherwise.

Action: Motion was made by Mr. Paxman to extend the agreement with Don Bell Signs, LLC seconded by Mrs. Foertsch.

Staff stated that we are handling all of the signage for the City but we are only paying for the signs that are being installed within the District.

Vote: All ayes

b. c. CRA Legal Services Amendment

The Lake Worth CRA originally attained the legal services of Goren, Cherof, Doody and Ezrol, P.A. in 2004. A new contract was executed in 2006 for a two year term, expiring August 2008. Three amendments were executed since then, extending the agreement until September 30, 2019.

David Tolces has provided legal services to the Lake Worth CRA for thirteen years. His expertise in matters pertaining to Lake Worth Beach and redevelopment make him an asset to this Agency. His demeanor and attention to detail significantly contributed to the success of all of our major programs and developments.

The fifth amendment to the Agreement for legal services is provided for your review. The term of the new contract is for three years. There is no change in his hourly rate.

The CRA may award a contract for legal services without competitive bids or proposals. Legal Services are expressly exempt from the requirement for competitive bids per FS 287.057 5(f) 5.

Staff recommended that the Board authorize the Chair to sign and execute the amendment to the contract for an additional three year period to retain the services of Goren, Cherof, Doody and Ezrol, P.A.

Action: Motion was made by Mr. Paxman to authorize the Chair to sign and execute the amendment to the contract for an additional 3 year period for legal services seconded by Mr. Rickards.

Vote: All Ayes

c. d. New CRA Logo Review & Selection

At our August Regular meeting, a presentation was given by Carey O’Donnell from the O’Donnell Agency featuring new possible CRA logos. The Board asked for a few variations of Option 1. Included in the back-up are four variations of Option1 and Options 2 – 4 for review.

Staff requested the Board determine its choice for the new Lake Worth Beach CRA logo. Once chosen, the new logo will slowly be integrated into marketing materials, stationary and on-line.

Mr. Lynch left the meeting at 6:40 PM. Mr. Rickards stated that he is acting as Chair.

Anna Maria Windisch-Hunt- Regarding the art deco look wayfinding signage. I never understood that look because we do not have an art deco look like Israel, China or South Beach. Where did that come from? Forget art deco. You are not art deco.

Janet Serrano- I love the art deco look. Lake Worth actually has the largest collection of art deco building outside of South Beach, Miami in Florida.

Action: Motion was made by Mr. Paxman to approve option 1B for the new CRA logo seconded by Mrs. Foertsch.

Vote: All Ayes


• Moving our next meeting due to Yom Kippur
• FL Planning Award for Arts & Cultural Master Plan
• Closed on the sale of 1213 Lake Avenue
• MID construction of 230 units will begin soon
• FOCUS event to take place in November


Tom Copeland- Glad to see the L & M Properties went through. I will be attending the FRA conference in Tampa. I hope to come back with some new ideas.
Leah Foertsch- Looking forward to the new restaurant. The artwork at our last event was fantastic.
John Paxman-Welcomed Tom to the Board.
Mark Rickards- Read the letter of resignation from Chris Pettit into the record. Can the backup be put on the website for the agenda?
Staff stated that the City used to do it but with the new ADA residents will need to call the office for backup.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.


Minutes Approved:

Brendan Lynch, Chair, CRA Board 

Emilia Theodossakos, Recording Secretary


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