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    Wayfinding Project

    The CRA and City of Lake Worth recently joined forces to complete the City's first Wayfinding Plan. For many years, community and business leaders have requested a comprehensive wayfinding project to promote downtown Lake Worth, points of interest and the historic neighborhoods. 

    Wayfinding is defined as "a consistent use and organization of definite sensory cues from the external environment". An effective way-finding plan can act as a vital tool of economic development in any size city. A high-functioning wayfinding system makes the area "legible" and enhances a visitors' experience as it increases their comfort, builds their confidence, and encourages them to discover unique events, attractions and destinations on their own.

    Additionally, wayfinding is what people do when they travel to and through a city. Wayfinding plans involve the science and art of scripting an individual's travel throughout that area. The broader goal of an effective wayfinding plan should be to help people discover all of a community's distinct assets.

    The CRA is seeking grants to assist with the implementation of the plan.

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    The proposed ELEMENT at Lake Worth Beach consists of a 5-story building that will include at least 120 one & two-bedroom apartments. The structure will wrap a 4-story internal parking garage to maximize the street views of the units and provide for easily accessible parking throughout the project. The ELEMENT will be located on a 1.67-acre site abutting South ‘M’ Street to the east, Lake Avenue to the north, 1st Avenue South to the south and South ‘L’ Street to the west. The coastal contemporary style uses clean lines and straight forward forms to create architectural elements that complement the surrounding Old Town Historic District’s historical buildings while maintaining a contemporary design with detail that gives the project a clean and modern feel.

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  • The Mid - 1601 North Dixie Highway

    The Mid - 1601 North Dixie Highway

    The development of the City’s commercial corridors continues to be a priority for the CRA. Our main thoroughfare, Dixie Highway, has seen limited development over the years. This is due to a myriad of issues including high land costs and a lack of contiguous assembled properties for larger projects. The CRA played a role in several successful developments including: the new downtown Publix; 1101-1113 N. Dixie and the Downtown Shops. In addition the CRA invested in numerous properties, in the form of façade and tenant improvement grants. Despite CRA initiatives, large-scale, mixed-use, developments did not make it past the conceptual phase until now.

    In late 2017, founding partners of Affiliated Development, Jeff Burns and Nick Rojo proposed a project on the 1601 N. Dixie site. The property, known as the “Regency Party Rental Site,” has sat idle for at least the last ten years. It encompasses 5.6 acres and is the largest privately owned property in the CRA District.

    Affiliated Development, aka 1601 Dixie Holdings Inc., is building The MID, a multi-million dollar, mixed use development that includes 1 and 2 bedroom market rate apartments along with live/work units, a clubhouse, pool and other amenities. In addition, the two-hundred plus unit development, will pay special attention to the character and fabric of the community by including public art and environmentally-friendly elements. The CRA and City of Lake Worth Beach have provided financial assistance to make this project a reality.

  • Property Acquisition

    Property Acquisition

    To further the CRA’s mission to encourage and facilitate investment and development in the CRA district, the CRA Board approved a line of credit to acquire blighted or distressed properties. Since 2016, the CRA have assembled properties over 20 properties in our targeted areas along Dixie Highway and in the downtown. This acquisition of buildings and land will eventually result in a return on its investment in the form of new development, additional businesses and higher property values.

  • 1000 Lake Avenue Renovation

    1000 Lake Avenue Renovation

    The historic building at 1000 Lake Avenue has been in existence since the 1920’s. The building was left to deteriorate before the CRA purchased the building in 2008. In 2010 the CRA began the tedious process of interior demolition, removing mold, and re-roofing the building to stop further deterioration. This building sits at the gateway to the City’s western downtown area. It is also located near our Artisanal Industrial area in which new development projects are beginning to take place. To further the redevelopment of this important area, it is in the City’s and the CRA’s best interest to have the building at 1000 Lake Avenue open and utilized, in the very near future, in order to further stabilize the area, add jobs, and people to the area.

  • Inhabit Lake Worth

    Inhabit Lake Worth

    New residential project coming to the western downtown area of Lake Worth Beach. Check back for details!

  • 6th Ave. South @ ‘H’ Street

    6th Ave. South @ ‘H’ Street

    New residential project coming to the south-end area of Lake Worth Beach. Check back for details!

  • LULA Projects

    LULA Projects

    The mission of LULA Lake Worth Arts will unify the existing arts community around a shared vision, implement goals for strengthening the property value, improve access to the arts through educational programs, and invest in partnerships that support the talent and the creative community in Lake Worth Beach.


  • The Bohemian

    The Bohemian

    Affiliated Development started construction on the Bohemian apartments in Lake Worth Beach after obtaining a $31.4 million construction loan. The project was designed by MSA Architects. Amenities will include a pool, fitness center, dog park, public office, ride-sharing drop-off area, and bike rentals.

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