2020 Quick Hospitality Emergency Grant for Businesses in the Lake Worth Beach CRA District Impacted by COVID-19

In an effort to help stabilize local hospitality businesses currently open and operating within the CRA District due to effects from COVID-19, the Lake Worth Beach CRA is offering a Quick Action Emergency grant program. Although Federal funding is available through the SBDC, many of our small, local businesses are struggling to keep employees and must work around increasingly restrictive requirements.

Local, small, for-profit businesses with between 3-20 full time employee’s (FTE’s) can apply on-line for up to $2,500 (in $500 increments) in working capital grants. Our goal is to fund businesses that require face-to-face interaction with customers and have been severely impacted by the virus. Details are provided below:

  • Limited to restaurants and bars in the CRA District that have been open for at least one year and are presently open and operating.
  • Business payrolls must be provided for the last six months.
  • Businesses must have an active Lake Worth Beach business license, an EIN number, a bank account, have no outstanding liens or legal judgements.
  • Applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis but the applications must be complete and the necessary back-up uploaded for CRA Staff to review.
  • Although there is no deadline to apply, we ask that businesses receiving SBDC assistance not apply unless that assistance will not arrive in time to save jobs or major loss of income.
  • Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis or until funding is no longer available.
  • Only local businesses that are NOT franchises or national chains may apply.
  • We ask that businesses only apply for what is needed so we can help as many businesses as possible.
  • Required back-up includes, but is not limited to: a deed or tenant lease, IRS W-9 form, sales tax reports, payroll registers, bank statements, Lake Worth Beach and State of Florida Business License, quarterly payroll reports (IRS form 941 and quarterly Florida Department of Revenue form RT-6).

Covid-19 Hospitality Emergency Grant Application

Note: Grant is limited to restaurants and bars currently open and operating.
If you employ low-to-moderate individuals, earning between 80-120% of the area median income (current Area Median Income is $79,100), let us know in the field below.
If yes, please be certain attach monthly sales tax reports prior to COVID-19 impact and current sales tax report using the "Add files" button at the bottom of this form.
1000 characters left
1000 characters left
Please upload the following documents by using the "Add files" button below:
  • Lake Worth Beach business license
  • Latest Bank Statement
  • Copies of your past three quarterly reports (IRS form 941 and quarterly Florida Department of Revenue form RT-6)
  • Past six months of sales tax reports before COVID-19 impact and current sales tax report.
  • Deed or business lease
  • Past six-months of payroll records
Upload checklist
By clicking the Submit Application button below, I affirm that I have received, reviewed, understand and will comply with all of the requirements of the Lake Worth Beach CRA 2020 Quick Hospitality Emergency Grant for Businesses. In addition, I affirm that I have provided a fully complete application with all of the required attachments, and that failure to provide the information received is grounds for rejection of my application. The CRA reserves the right to negotiate revised Grant amount prices with the applicant and/or reject certain aspects of the application if necessary. If approved, I may be required to enter into a grant agreement with the CRA, and will comply with all of the requirements contained therein.

Important Notice

The The CRA Offices will be closed to the public until further notice. Please contact us by phone or email.

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