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"Cyrano, My Love" & "In Fabric" at Stonzek Theatre

Sunday, December 22, 2019

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dir. Alexis Michalik, Drama / History ? Comedy, Npt Rated, France, French / Russian with English titles, 2019, 110 min.

December 1897, Paris. Edmond Rostand is not yet thirty but already has two children and too much anxiety. He has not written anything for two years. In desperation, he offers the great Constant Coquelin a new play, a heroic comedy, in verse, for the holidays. There’s one problem: it is not written yet. Ignoring the whims of actresses, the demands of his producers, the jealousy of his wife, the stories of his best friend’s heart and the lack of enthusiasm of all those around him, Edmond must focus and put to pen to paper. For now, he has only the title: “Cyrano de Bergerac”.

dir. Peter Strickland, Horror / Comedy, rated ‘R’, UK, English, 2019, 118 min.

A lonely woman (Marianne Jean-Baptiste), recently separated from her husband, visits a bewitching London department store in search of a dress that will transform her life. She’s fitted with a perfectly flattering, artery-red gown—which, in time, will come to unleash a malevolent curse and unstoppable evil, threatening everyone who comes into its path

Stonzek Theatre
709 Lake Ave.

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